It Does Not Insist On The Letter Of The Four Freedoms In Its Free Trade Deal With The Sovereign State Of Canada.

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Yet it is hard to see how he hopes to preserve this cordial relationship if the EU takes a purist stance that leads to the erection of bilateral trade barriers. It does not insist on the letter of the four freedoms in its free trade deal with the sovereign state of Canada. Mr Macron, a former economy minister, suggested that there could be some market access provided Britain made “strong contributions” to the EU budget to share the administrative burden of the system. He did not address the issue of what the EU will offer for access to the valuable British market. Whether the enfant terrible of French politics will ever make it to the second round of the presidential elections in May is far from clear. The latest BFM-Elabe poll shows him slipping suddenly to third place with just 17pc support, lagging ex-premier François Fillon and far behind the Front National’s Marine Le Pen. Chart: French election: spreads, betting odds and polls Mr Macron also indicated he is ready to allow Britain to keep border controls - and unwanted migrants - on the other side of the Channel after Brexit. He suggested last year that if the UK voted for Brexit, Paris could tear up a crucial agreement which permits British border officials to operate on French soil, saying: "The day this relationship unravels, migrants will no longer be in Calais." But in the talks with Mrs May he was willing to work to "improve" the deal, signed in Le Touquet in 2003. Emmanuel Macron's political rise in 60 seconds This is the first time a British Prime Minister has met a French presidential candidate since Tony Blair received Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.  With rivals claiming he doesn't have the experience (he has never held elected office) or the mettle to deal with the likes of Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump, his unexpected meeting with Mrs May - announced via Twitter by his team on Monday afternoon - will help bolster his statesman credentials.

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